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Monster Hunter: Rise is the 6th installment in the Monster Hunter franchise and offers a few new features like Palamute mounts, rideable monsters, Wirebug grappling hooks, and customizable weapon arts that really shake things up from its predecessors. Being the series’ first mainline release on a Nintendo console in 8 years, fans are feeling the hype. But will it be the knockout game Switch players have been waiting for?



Until now, the Monster Hunter series has always existed in the background of my mind. For the better part of a decade, I’d heard of and admired these games, but I’d never played any of them (with the exception of Monster Hunter: Stories) because of what I considered to be a simplistic concept and gritty sound. I couldn’t have been more off the mark. Monster Hunter is now one of the most immersive, colorful, and engrossing franchises available today, in my opinion. To be sure, the series has its flaws, but thanks to its absurd mechanical depth and excellent visual design, it is more than worthy of the spotlight that 2018’s hit – Monster Hunter: World – has cast upon it.


Gaining experience points from killing beasts or allocating any kind of in-game currency will not make you stronger. Its progression scheme, on the other hand, is completely gear-based. This means you’ll explore the game’s biomes, gather resources from the environment and monsters, and use those materials to build weapons and armor from an increasing list of weapons and armor as you advance.




This means thinking about the types of elemental damage and status effects you’ll be dealing with, as well as the ones the beast you’re hunting is most vulnerable to. It might also include analyzing the beast’s movement pattern and determining which of the 14 weapons styles better counters it. Then there’s the matter of getting the gear, which often necessitates chopping off some sections of the bodies of particular mobs.



Monster Hunter: Rise, on the other hand, offers ample new mechanics and features for series veterans to enjoy a highly engaging gameplay experience. It’s creative, entertaining, and well-designed. For new teams, it can be all of that and more, but be warned: you can expect to sit with the game for at least 15 hours until the action clicks, and there will be plenty of frustration along the way to make you want to put your controller down forever.






Overall : B+

Graphics : B-

Sound/Music : B

Gameplay : A

Presentation : A+


Monster Hunter: Rise is a truly enjoyable experience thanks to its heavy emphasis on action, imaginatively crafted weapons and monsters, engaging voice acting, and immersive setting. But it can be difficult to pick up and play because of its unapproachability and low visual consistency.

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