【EVENT】 “Activity” to put forward advices regarding the new homepage

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Dear anigamefun.com user, our new homepage has been in use for two weeks. We realized that some specific optimizations are needed, but we also want to hear valuable opinions from our users.

Thanks to the support of our key partner Z-Fights, we have prepared a special activity for you.

We will continue to update our website with news and information about anime and games on a regular basis. The latest articles are displayed in the website (PC version) in the upper right corner of the four modules/(mobile phone) in the above (2-4). It can be filtered according to the respective content TAG of the different channel.

Everyone can browse, according to their favorite topic, and give their opinion on the content (or suggestions) in the comment section.

We will implement an exclusive Z-Fights Gift Code in one of our regular daily updates for you to find and redeem rewards in Z-Fights games, keep an eye out for it!

This activity will last until May 8th, while the Gift Code will be valid until May 15. If you have any questions or suggestions about our new homepage and the activity itself, please let us know.

And naturally, welcome to anigamefun.com!


AGF Operations Team

15 thoughts on “【EVENT】 “Activity” to put forward advices regarding the new homepage

  1. I am satisfied in your commitment, I hope you continue like this, because with this step you will reach the top much more than you already have.

  2. Il serait bien de laisser plus de liberté dans le jeu sans avoir besoin de devoir payer pour obtenir certains éléments comme par exemple des cellules.
    Il faut biensur favoriser ceux qui veulent payer mais permettre à tout le monde d’évoluer quand même.

  3. Will the gift codes be listed in any update, regardless of the game, or will they be listed in updates specifically pertaining to the Z-Fighter game? Thanks!

  4. New homepage is much better.
    You can find whatever you want in 1 click.
    Thanks a lot

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