Heroes Guide: Cosmos Class, Part 1/2

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Welcome to Heroes Guide.Here we will recommend the hero of each high-level class for you, so that players can better develop their own team.

Today we will talk about Cosmos class hero ‘Cellza’and ‘Ultra Goku Black’. The Cosmos class is the top combat in the game and requires a lot of effort to achieve, so choose your goals carefully and develop a plan.


A versatile hero that can be played in most teams.

Cellza is the only tank hero in the cosmos class, with simple skills but making him very solid.

His skill Perfect cell can permanently and unconditionally grant a high defense bonus, and skill Supernova allows him to get heal when he is attacked. These two skills, along with his highest basic DEFand HP in COSMOS, allow him to stand calmly to the end in the battle.

In addition to her strong survivability, Cellza also has a powerful attack, unlike other tank heroes who cannot balance output. Skill Super Power Hell Rocket is a valuable aoe attack skill, and can reduce enemy attacks and tenacity. Whether it’s the other attackers in the auxiliary team, or knocking down the enemies who with residual blood, it have good performance.

Therefore Cellza is very worry-free in the battle, and does not need to consider the team’s collocation. When there is a gap in the team, let him play.

To get a Cellza requires UR Perfect Cell to be ‘class transfer’,and his ‘Star Up’ needs to use SSSR Perfect Frieza and SSSR Cell 2nd Form.It is also an advantage to not conflict with the popular heroes of SSSR to UR class.


Ultra Goku Black

A powerful explosive assault hero.

Ultra Goku Black is currently the only Striker hero of the Cosmos class. His skills greatly enhance output-related stats, making him a berserker who stably causes high output in battle.

His skill Absolute Darkness gave him the highest Hit and Crit at the start of the battle. Skill Shadow Creed can greatly increase the attack and speed. Shill Shadow Blade reduces the enemy’s DEF and Tenacity while dealing damage. Once locked by him, no matter how solid the target is, it will become extremely fragile.

It should be noted that Ultra Goku Black lacks the ability to defend himself, there is a great need for protection from teammates. In addition, he can only attack at most 2 targets at a time, which affects his team composition.

To get a Ultra Goku Black requires UR SSR Goku Black to be ‘class transfer’,and his ‘Star Up’ needs to use SSSR SS2 Goteks and SSSR Goku Black, which conflicts with other Cosmos class heroes.

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