The Race Drill

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The Race Drill is a PVE game based on the character race in the game.

He has three different race levels: Dicinity,Demon, Saiyan.

Only one race level can be entered at a time, and it will change to the next one after two days.

The basic gameplay of this mode is similar to that of Tower in Fighters: defeat the boss of each layer to enter the next layer.

But there are requirements for the role played:

Each race level can only use characters of the same race to challenge. And no more than 3 at most.

The three characters in the battle need to be SSSR and more advanced characters, and characters that do not meet the requirements, including the Leader, cannot participate.

Race Drill is the main way to get the Legacy of the three races in the game.

The Legacy of the race can be used to exchange GOD characters of the same race in the Palace.

*because of the original character design of Dragon Ball, there is no human race in the GOD level (Jiren From a parallel universe), so there is also no human level.

The rewards on each level will clearly state the specific rewards after passing the level.

In addition to clearing rewards, ranking rewards will be distributed according to the top 100 in the current race level at 19:30(EST) every day.

There are 10 challenge opportunities every day, which will only be consumed after the battle is won.

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