Heroes Guide: Cosmos Class, Part 2/2

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Welcome to Heroes Guide.Here we will recommend the hero of each high-level class for you, so that players can better develop their own team.

Today we will talk about Cosmos class hero ‘SSB Gotenks’and ‘Demon Buu’. The Cosmos class is the top combat in the game and requires a lot of effort to achieve, so choose your goals carefully and develop a plan.

SSB Gotenks

A multi-function support hero

The three skills of Gotenks are used for debuffing opponents, buffing teammates, and healing. This makes him a comprehensive hero ,who can do everything, but also has limitations.

His skills are based on the speed of all characters on the battlefield. It tests the player’s strategy when using him. Skill Saiyan Power to randomly heal three heroes is also a test of luck.

Shill Kamikaze gives speed to the slowest teammate A buff and also disrupts the order of action. When used properly, teammates with high output and low speed will benefit greatly.

For players who are struggling with strategy, another common usage is to put him in the Assist. His skill to reduces the speed and hit of all enemies can make the opponent very confused.

Overall, he is a hero who can bring surprises in battle. With teammates who can provide speed, he can better exert his support ability.

To get a SSB Gotenks requires UR SS3 Gotenks to be ‘class transfer’,and his ‘Star Up’ needs to use SSSR SS2 Vegeta and SSSR SS Trunks. It is also an advantage to not conflict with the popular heroes of SSSR to UR class.


Demon Buu

A support hero who easy-to-use

The Buu series has a common feature in the game: the use of mindless, Demon Buu is the same. His core support skill Energy Transmission will strengthen the overall attack and speed at the beginning of the battle.

The skill Energy Dominance will provide protection to the teammate with the lowest HP. This skill is activated when attacked, so it may be activated several times in a round, superimposing a powerful defense bonus.

The attack skill Dark Annihilation Orb will attack the enemy with the lowest defense to ensure damage. And can strengthen heself survivability, match with Energy Dominance will become indestructible.

It can be said that Demon Buu’s skills can have a suitable effect except for no recovery skills. This allows him to easily join most teams, especially players who use quick attack strategies.

To get a Demon Buu requires UR Majin Buu to be ‘class transfer’,and his ‘Star Up’ needs to use SSSR Goku Black and SSSR Kid Buu. The higher cost is where players who want to get him need to pay attention.

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