How To Choose Heroes

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Now more and more fighters join our game. Many fighters will have questions about how to choose a hero and how to form a team. Or the current formation has reached a bottleneck, how to improve? To this end, we invited our test players to conduct a test and collected some feedback, hoping to help you.😉
💥 for love
SSSR is the most powerful combat power in the early stage, and it also determines the upper limit of your formation. Especially if you want to have UR or even GOD, cultivating SSSR upgrade and reincarnation is the most orthodox way.
In any case, it is generally recommended to give priority to the SSSR of the character you like. Secondly, choosing the ones that can be exchanged in the store can reduce the difficulty of development. And choosing what can be reincarnated can maximize efficiency.😯
💥2. Use the gallery to select the appropriate SSSR
After choosing the first SSSR you want, you can find his upgrade route through the gallery. It is generally recommended to focus on training 2 SSSR heros in the early stage. In general, the SSSR with 2 high stars performs better than the SSSR with 3 low stars.
Take SSSR Black Goku as an example. Through the gallery, you can see that Black Goku and SSR Buu can be reincarnated as UR Rose Goku together. UR Rose Goku Ascend Star also requires SSSR Buu. Players who decide to train Black Goku, make Buu a good choice as the second SSSR character.🙌
💥3. Recommended number of stars
The time and level of different servers are not the same and cannot be generalized. However, from the perspective of development costs, the goal can be set at 1~2UR/GOD & other SSSR/SSSR+ at the beginning, and then began to cultivate SSSR heros who can ‘Class Transfer’ to UR even Cosmos. However, it depends on the overall combat power changes of each server and the player’s own formation.👀
💥4. Use the rebirth function
When trying to match the formation, sometimes resources are used for inappropriate characters. Use the rebirth function to return a part of EXP potions and gold coins. But the most important thing is that this feature will not reduce the number of characters used.
Upgrading SSSR Buu to 3 stars requires a total of 7 Buu, so rebirth 3 star SSSR Buu can also return 7 Buu. In this way, when you need to reincarnate SSSR Black Goku into UR Rose Goku, you can immediately have enough Buu, as well as the experience and gold coins used to cultivate UR Rose Goku.😎
Bay the way, rebirth will not return the spent skill books. Upgrade to level 4 will consume advanced skill books, please plan carefully.😊

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