How To Class Transfer

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The heroes in our game have different grades, and almost all of them are available through Shard Fusion (Combining x100 shards of the corresponding hero).
You can also choose to make low-grade heroes Class Transfer to get powerful high-level heroes. Now let’s talk about the process.
💥In general, Class Transfer follows the following order:
UR → Cosmos
GOD → Xeno
SSR and more basic heroes don’t have Class transfers feature available.
Class Transfer generally is quite logical, SSSR Vegeta Class Transfer will lead to UR Vegeta. Players can use the Gallery to learn which heroes can be Class transferred.
Take UR heroes Perfect Cell and Golden Frieza for example. Perfect Cell can be transformed into Cellza, you can see the materials needed for the transformation in his gallery. However, Golden Frieza doesn’t have an above-grade out just yet, so the gallery just shows his requirements to Star Up only for now.
When it comes to Class Transfer, it is required for the player to have the 5 Star Hero along with the corresponding materials indicated in the Gallery in order to perform it.
Not all heroes support the Class Transfer feature, please confirm through the Gallery and plan ahead for the hero you want to get.
Most of the heroes from Class Transfer don’t support the Rebirth feature. Please be aware of it before proceeding.
In addition, as an exception, there are two UR heroes that can only be obtained through Shard Fusion: Majin Buu and SSG Gohan. Majin Buu is obtained through Lifetime Gift rewards. SSG Gohan can only be obtained through events and event packs.

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