Sony Music Entertainment’s “VEE” VTuber Project

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Sony Music Entertainment’s “VEE” Virtual YouTuber project revealed a key visual and announced the debuts of its first generation talent on Monday.



The names of the debuting members are as follows:


Otokado Ruki


Kujo Ringo


Syusetsu Kohaku


Tulsi-Nightmare Madness IV


Hinahoshi Airu


Otokado Ruki, Tulsi-Nightmare Madness IV, and Hinahoshi Airu are newly debuting talent, while Kujo Ringo and Syusetsu Kohaku are previously active VTubers rebranding as VEE talent. Their respective YouTube channels are currently streaming teaser videos, and their debut streams will take place on May 26-27.


Sony Music describes the VEE project as its “largest virtual talent development and management project in history. Through this project, not only will streaming and video creation be undertaken, but also activities such as music, voice acting, works creation, etc. for each virtual talent to bring their ‘dreams’ to reality. Sony Music Group, which has developed a wide range of entertainment businesses, will support the activities of each virtual talent by making the most of its know-how and solutions.”


The project held auditions for over 50 VTubers between July and September last year. It is a sister project of Sony Music’s Prism Project, a Virtual YouTuber brand that produces content aimed at English-speaking audiences.

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