Dr. Stone’s Boichi Launches New Webtoon Series

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LINE Digital Frontier announced on Friday that Boichi will launch a new webtoon series with writer In-Wan Youn (Defense Devil, Island, Shin Angyo Onshi) on the LINE Manga app in mid-2023.


The new work is titled SuperString, and is tied into Korean company YLAB’s Super String IP, which features characters from different YLAB works in one universe. The IP focuses on manhwa but also includes films, musicals, live-action works, and games.


The new webtoon will center on one young man’s story of protecting his family and fighting alone. In the story, heroes from various dimensions come to Earth and fight a war.


Boichi (Sun-Ken Rock, Origin) and Riichirou Inagaki (author of Eyeshield 21) launched the Dr. Stone manga in Weekly Shonen Jump in March 2017, and ended the series on March 7. The manga will get a new chapter in Weekly Shonen Jump around the same time the Dr. Stone: Ryusui special airs this summer.


Boichi had launched an essay manga titled Zessan Sekaimeshi: Tabereba Konoyo no Subete ga Wakaru (Amazing World Food: Understanding Everything About This World Through Eating) on April 14, but he ended the manga in its third chapter. Boichi stated that he had to stop the manga because “something sad happened.”


Youn’s Island and Defense Devil works have received English releases. Shin Angyo Onshi inspired an anime film in 2004 that released in English under the title Blade of the Phantom Master.

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