Marza Animation Planet Streams ‘Samurai Frog Golf’ CG Anime Short

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CG animation studio Marza Animation Planet started streaming its latest CG anime short titled “Samurai Frog Golf” on its YouTube channel on Friday.



Marza Animation Planet’s original anime short film made its world premiere as an Official Selection at the SIGGRAPH 2022 Computer Animation Festival’s Electric Theater, which was held from August 8-11. “Samurai Frog Golf” then won the Best 3D Animation at the Neum Animated Film Festival in Bosnia and Herzegovina, which was held from August 27 to September 1. The anime short is also an Official Selection to several upcoming and recently-held film festivals in Japan and around the world:


BonDance International Film Festival (Japan)

6th Chaniartoon 2022 (Greece)

Animation Volda Festival (Norway)


Wildlife Vaasa Festival-International Nature Film Festival (Finland)

Marza Animation Planet describes the story:


A retired frog samurai wants nothing more than to be left alone and spend his remaining years in peace on the golf course. But when he unwillingly becomes the protector of a baby turtle he must draw his club for one more round.

The anime’s staff members include:


Executive Producers: Akira Sugano, Haruhiro Uchida

Producer: Mayumi Tachikawa

Director: Brent Forrest

CG Supervisor: Tatsuya Akagi

Animation Supervisor: Tomokazu Sakamoto

CG Director: Fumiaki Tahara

Music: David Arcus

Marza Animation Planet, a subsidiary of Sega Sammy Holdings and TMS Entertainment, produced the CG-animated film Lupin III THE FIRST in 2019, and created the visual effects for the two Sonic the Hedgehog Hollywood movies.

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